Sofgreen Portugal

Main Products: Fabric, Acrylic resin, Stained glass, Glass coatings, Special coatings, Locomotive, Goods vehicles, Road model, Oil painting, Miniatures, Pigment

Related Fields: Straight track, The EMU, Lawn, Generator, Steam locomotive, Trolleys, Base, Tracks, Crepe paper, Wood, BRACKET, Flooring, Wheels, Steam heater, Chandelier, Cable reel, Pulley, Ice skates, Diesel locom

Home Portugal

Main Products: Industrial paint, Chrome, Powder coating, Ferrous materials, Thermoplastic, Thermosetting, Special coatings, Clear lacquer, Spray paint, Functional coatings, Greenhouse, Surface coating, Industrial coatings, Metal furniture, Radar, Aluminum, Anti-corrosion, Acid wash, Metallized, Coating line, Primer, Waterborne coatings, Surface treatment, Rims, Powder paint, Powder coatings, Special paint

Related Fields: Components, Household appliances, Consumables, Paint, The automotive industry, Recycling, Liquid paint, Antibacterial, Thermosetting powder coatings, Bike, Fast cleaner

Main Products: Decorative tables, Coating

Related Fields: Wooden furniture, Surface repair, Furniture paint, Kitchen equipment, Metal products, Wood products, Wallpaper, Special paint, Spray

Main Products: Hospital, Specialty chemicals, Clinic, Shipyard, Hotel, Auto repair shop, Chemicals, Civil engineering and architecture, Paint Remover

Related Fields: Filter, Aerosol, Industrial disinfection, Oxide, Catalyst, Anti-foaming, Lubricating oil, Converter, Skid, Silicone emulsion, Special paint, Lubricant, Seal, Swimming pool, Cutting fluid, Disinfecting

Main Products: Roof waterproofing, Flooring, Paint, Pavement, Ceiling, Outdoor painting, Spray room, Plate spray, Linoleic, Garage, Railing, Painting, Pack the room, Civil engineering and architecture

Related Fields: Room partition, Portugal, Exterior wall paints, Decoration, Wall paint, Paint, Sound insulation, Gypsum Board, House Paint, Decoration, Yellow box, Exterior wall coatings, Interior wall paint, Special

Related Fields: Maintenance worker, Portugal, Scrub, Mechanical brushes, Military industry, Pollution prevention, Valve seal, Special coatings, Paint, Ultrasonic, Recycling, Polishing, Ship repair, Shaft seal, Replac

Main Products: Acrylic, Plastic, Cast iron, Bathtub, Glass fiber

Related Fields: Bathroom renovation, Prism, Dresser, Kitchen equipment, Hotel reconstruction, Fang Xiu, Granite, Special coatings, Bait, Painter, Special coatings, Construction, Sliding doors, Laying ceramic tile, Ki

Regrout Portugal

Related Fields: Residential building, Expansion joints, Mastic, Reservoir, Mechanical brushes, Structure of carbon fiber reinforcement, Industrial architecture, Viaduct, Industrial painting, Sand blasting, Reinforcin

Related Fields: Foot file, File, Mane, Brush, Crystal nails, Hair brush, Matt, Scraper, Precision molding, Glass nail files, Crystal glass, Hard plastic, -Activity table, Media platform, Plastic boxes, Scissors, Hair

Main Products: Special coatings

Related Fields: Vinyl ester resin, Polymer, Epoxy resin, Composite profile, Portugal, Corrosion in water, Polyurea coatings, Industrial paper, Water gel, Rigid polyurethane, Paint, ISO-cyanide-urea acid polymer, Pult

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